Good surveys sites that pay decent income to US/UK residents.

If you are on this page right now, I suppose that you have been looking for decent ways to make extra income online. It is possible that you have tried other opportunities online that promised to get you rich quick, get-quick-reach schemes are popular these days because of the level of appeal they garner from online audience or people looking for a way to quit their stressful full-time jobs.

I would encourage you to be very careful with these schemes as they are fraudulent and filled with spammy links. Making money online can be as hard as finding a physical job, just as you know that nothing good comes easy, with that in mind, making real money requires hard work and riches do not come overnight. The road to success is stepwise.  That is why I have decided to put this page together for those looking for decent online jobs that reward them for their time.

The amazing thing about these decent-paying jobs/tasks online is that there is no skill required, just your ability to read and write. These are surveys, reviews, research participation sites, which are authentic and trustworthy, the privacy of information given to these sites about yourself is guaranteed.

Please note that the opportunities are country’s specific. Find below some great opportunities to get started!!!

1. Qmee

With Qmee you can get rewarded for your opinions, your searches and your purchases.

Qmee is a free, easy to use browser and mobile app, where you can earn real cash rewards for sharing your opinion and for engaging with your favourite brands.

2. Userinterview

Share your opinions and get paid,  one of the easiest ways to get paid for your feedback on real products.

3. Methinks

At Methinks, researchers can schedule and record interviews instantly, take notes, bookmark consumer insights, track user behaviour and more.

4. Mindswarms

Video is the best way to understand people perceptuallyattitudinally, behaviorallyexperientially, and most importantly, emotionally. Mindswarms allows you to earn decently with great surveys.


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