I solicit your support dear friends -Vote Bernard Onoja as Chairperson of CSSJ96 set


“The burden of leadership is heavy, but the world is a better place because of people who walked through tough times to manage people and become great leaders”. It is time to vote for track record of achievements and experience.





Leading people is no mean task as it places one in a position of Trust, and such must be accorded the seriousness it rightly deserves.
It is with this in mind that I assure all members of the great CSSJ 96set that if given this mandate to lead this noble group, I would not take you for granted. I would always be on my toes and take all necessary steps in order not to fail you and to position this great set in it’s rightful place in our almamater and society at large.
If voted, during my tenure as your Chairman, with your support, together with my team:


Simply tagged journey of RECONCILIATION.

* Within our first 20days, we would strive to ensure all aggrieved parties (past and present) are reconciled. There might have been some issues which deeply hurt some amongst us, for such issues I would work with the aggrieved parties and deploy all resources within my power to ensure they are brought to an amicable understanding, and no better issue comes readily to mind than that of our dear Dr. O and Skello.

As we trudge the sands of time, there would be friction sometimes, but we must collectively , with great sense of respect and maturity find common ground to forge ahead. For those issues unsettled I would endeavor to do all humanly possible within my power to bring a long lasting solution to the impasse. Other aggrieved parties brought to our attention will be seriously looked into and handled headlong.

* Within the first 100days we would set up a committee to look into major amendments of our bylaws; as brought to fore by some of our mates such as IMPEACHMENT, financial memberships and other pertinent matters that NEED addressing in our laws. This will be looked into and amended as the house deems fit.

* Within the first 100days I will work with my team to ensure that a comprehensive database of this great set is updated with skills sets, welfarism with targeted intervention will be given to members on a personal level.


This definitely is when the whole plan begins to crystalize and the set would take her pride of place in the greater national COJOSA platform.

This is tagged the period of CONSOLIDATION.

1. In my interaction so far with the national body, I know a lot is required in our representation. The plan is to ensure that for any national programme holding, apart from executives attending the meeting/programmes, I will ensure at least 2members of the general body are involved. This is to ensure inclusiveness and foster better interaction so that other members will be known and not just Excos, but as many of us that are willing to be involved.
2. We will help to midwife businesses based on members’ competencies in a manner that will provide sustainable income and alternative streams of income to members.
3. We will have business roundtable discussions in the group. Which will see us bringing from among us professionals periodically to train our members hence the need for a comprehensive database.
4. We will encourage and boost full participation at meetings, and monitor this through representations at the main house. I understand that the smallest unit makes the larger body what it is. So we will build grass root participation of members in states, and for states already meeting, we would encourage them and motivate them the more.
5. Welfare of members shall be of utmost concern to my team. We will work things out collectively so that nobody is left behind for our general collective good.
6. Social activities shall be organized so that we can unwind, relax and catch up. This is very important and we hope to achieve this via zonal clusters. End of year meetings and celebrations will be supported. APPROPRIATELY.
Not too long from now our 25th anniversary of leaving CSSJ will hold; I am too sure it will be A GREAT REUNION.

With this in mind, as in long term. I will surely want to leave a legacy as I have done everywhere I have served, but i know I cannot do this by myself so I implore you all to hear me out.

So i will tag this LEGACY.

The national body has done a great feat by designing and setting in motion the mechanism for a dinning hall for our school. I will really like us to take a bold initiative in this regards, may not necessarily be a dining hall but build something that will stand the test of time.

If we propose special donations/fund raising on a monthly basis from each member, say monthly donation of N3k. The concept is we are close to 200 members in our set. If 120 of us are committed to this and put in N3k monthly (at least) at the end of the month we will generate N360k, and at the end of the year we will have N4,320,000. At the end of four years it will be 17,280,000. This may not be much to some people in the house, but it isn’t small either.

That amount CAN BUILD SOMETHING at the end of the day.
Maybe not a structure, what of a Trust Fund,
or Scholarship in the name of our set?
Or maybe something, anything the house can come up with. I believe with the calibre of people we have something will materialize.


My friends, these are my plans.

I solicit your support dear friends
Vote Bernard Onoja as Chairperson of CSSJ96 set.

GenL and EREVNA Labs: execute laboratory analysis and experimental projects

If you are looking for the right laboratory to carry out bench analysis of your  project work, GenL and EREVNA Labs offer you the tools to work with.


EREVNA LAB: Cell                                                                                            GEN LAB : The soul is basic science

Our services include:In addition to state of the art facilities for biomedical sciences, GenL and EREVNA Labs offer laboratory bench analysis at affordable rates and training of personnel/customers on molecular biology techniques with a fast execution time.

  1. Nucleic acid extraction
  2. Polymerase Chain Reaction
  3. Gel electrophoresis
  4. DNA sequencing
  5. Gene expression
  6. Phylogenetic analysis
  7. Plasmid DNA  extraction
  8. 16s RNA bacterial analysis
  9. Tissue/Cell Culture
  10. Bacteriological culture media
  11. Microbiology/Virology

Address: Goodwill building, opposite Premier Hotel, Mokonla Roundabout, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Contacts: 07065706577, 08118539934 for more inquiries.


Late Chinua Achebe said, ” A man that does know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body”.

Indiscriminate killings of  Nigerians abroad have received lesser attention until now, we have witnessed the unjust killings of Nigerians in India (Asia), Europe, America, and shamefully Africa itself. South Africa has gained traction recently by becoming the country responsible for the highest number of  Nigerian deaths abroad. It is no doubt that Nigeria is among one of the countries in the world with the highest number of skilled migrants, immigration has always had a mixed reception in various parts of the world, intolerance of immigrants in the developed world is often spurred by racism, tribalism and religious bigotry.

Immigrants are perceived as threats to citizens of high-income countries because of the desperation seen in skilled and unskilled migrants who are willing to accept substandard wages for jobs to have a decent life. Corporations have exploited migrant desperation for decent living to cut wages, increasing competition between skilled migrants and natives in order to rake in more profits, and shipping jobs abroad to reduce the cost of production through cheap labour. Natives continue to direct their anger at their governments and the migrant community for being responsible for job loss, unemployment and hardship in the country.

“Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit”.  Mahatma Gandhi

Politicians have exploited the fear of immigrants to gin up votes, creating an atmosphere of palpable tension, appealing to people’s worst emotions,  creating anxiety in the immigrant community which often breed hatred, violence and destruction.  What is unnerving is the nativism happening in South Africa,  in the era of identity politics where people closely related to each other by race, hew or origin form exclusive political alliances to further their interests, one would expect that  Africans or blacks in any country on the African continent should be regarded as sons and daughters.

This is not the case and it has never been the case in Africa, tribalism and nationalism have been weaponized as defence tools against foreigners of African descent in African countries from  East Africa, North Africa and to South Africa. Looking at our history, Africa looks like a continent made up of disparate countries with a mildly shared history, we were former colonies with diverse cultures, languages and tribes. We have rich traditions and monumental historical records, ancient civilization started in Egypt, Africa but this pride is not shared by all of us and it feels like some of us do not belong due to territorial boundaries. It is hard for Africans going to other African countries just as it is for Africans getting a visa to Europe.

There is a need to understand what is feeding this intolerance, all over the world, countries have loathed immigrants who want to benefit from their economies, a creeping sense of entitlement is in every citizen or native who feels their forbears and fathers fought, bled, sacrificed and died building the country. The country is not free for all but for citizens only, while there is an understanding that immigrants have also contributed to the country’s fortune, this does not sit well with parents whose bloodline sacrificed for the country only to see an immigrant reaping the benefits at the expense of their own children.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” . Nelson Mandela

Nigerians are hardworking people, notorious immigrants on every soil, we are very sophisticated at everything we do, from education to businesses, innovation to healthcare. There is also a downside to our immigrant history and that is crime, we cannot run away from our identity, we cannot abandon our homes and take pride in being tenants elsewhere without consequences.

If xenophobia has taught us anything, it should be that we need to fight for our country,  root out a system that has soiled the dignity of  our citizenship, strengthen our civil community, use modern-day innovations like social media and the internet to expose a culture rife with corruption and insider dealings, let us make it shameful for the nation to have unqualified leaders, weak, semi-educated, well educated clever devils  and toothless  legislators who  craft poorly written, badly thought out legislation that sends us backwards every day.

There is a requirement for citizenship, we fail this test requirement every day, an ideal country with high incidence of extrajudicial killings of her citizens abroad would have taken measures to reduce future occurrences of such. This dereliction of duties as citizens paved the way for the social and economic ills we face from within and outside the country.

To simply put it, we are treated the way our country is perceived, there is hardly anything we can do to get past the blemishes of our nationhood. The South-African government cannot have selective amnesia over these killings like they never happened before, we have not been taken seriously by them, a sane response would demand that the SA government enforces the criminalization of the deaths of lawful foreigners at the hands of her citizenry.

On our part, there should be enormous diplomatic pressure placed on the South African government and businesses in our country in the face of injustice or lack of actions. We need to do more beyond  expression of outrage, the people are the ones who suffer, reprisal or wanton destruction of  South African properties at home serves to widen the chaos and sufferings of the Nigerian people.

“Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problems: it merely creates new and more complicated ones”. Martin Luther King (Jnr.)

The greatest threat to our lives and freedom as a people won’t be from demanding liberty but looking away when it is taken from us.

To our friends in Africa who treat us as alien invasion and infestation of all sorts, please visit your history books, understand the long struggles of your founders so that you may build on their victories and not repeat past mistakes.



He had a long and stressful day, came home late at night, a young man in his late twenties. A typical everyday-Nigerian youth whose long struggle to get a decent education bears marks of shortfalls and triumphs. He has never doubted his reverence for hard work and delayed gratification. A young man trying to plot his own escape from poverty, grateful for the love of his parents while also acknowledging the failed experiment his country has become.

Embroiled in the Nigerian hustle, with a postgraduate program at the nick of completion. In less than three days, he would be graduating with a second degree, his dreams being fulfilled incrementally, his joy creakingly expanding. He is gradually drawing closer to his goals, he had promised to attend his friend’s wedding ceremony. The educational success and a reunion with his old friend would be a cheerful way to celebrate his achievements.

Maybe he was wrong, he didn’t see it coming. He slept that night, in the odd hours of the night, a nightmare, woke up panting in anxiety!!!!. A terrible dream, chanting God’s name as he could recollect it. Twenty minutes later, his mum called the phone, oh no!!, what could have happened. He mustered some courage, picked the call with the expectation of bad news, mum! he muttered, the mum in her trembling voice asked if he was fine and he replied yes, hiding his fear.

She said my son, don’t go out today, please stay at home and pray to God. I plead with you, be indoor throughout. He asked his mum why she was saying this, hesitant to narrate a bad dream, she replied, I had a bad dream, I saw you in my dream, God forbid, you entered my room coming to greet me. As you moved nearer for me to stretch my arms, you disappeared. It won’t happen, get to work and start praying she said.

He said mum, I heard you, don’t let us panic, trust in God and we will be fine. He relies too much on his own cleverness, everything has to be subjected to logic and reason. Reassured by his enduring faith in God, he said he would pray and go out, convinced that nothing would happen.

He went out, a stupid act despite the warning? not so clear, he had a drama-free morning and afternoon, in the evening at 5:00 pm, he was at a computer shop in semi-urban Nigeria pricing laptop accessory, not the right accessory he needed, stumped out of the shop in disappointment. Heading home, he reached across the road to board a taxi, dressed in a native attire holding his laptop bag. A taxi drove by, asked where he was headed, he replied. He said I have a big change, hope you don’t mind. The sly taxi-driver replied no problem, the taxi had four men inside, two at the front seats with the driver inclusive, two passengers in the back seat.

It was all planned, unbeknownst to him, the men in the car knew each other. One passenger from the back seat dropped at the stop pretending to have reached his destination, the operation was well executed, the devious trick was to get their catch to seat in the middle. Unsuspectingly, he entered, then there was another passenger shouting from behind waving the driver to stop that he was going to the same destination. The well-orchestrated plan by the kidnappers was to fake a stop, in turn, one person from the back seat would highlight at the pick up to tell the fifth accomplice where the target was heading.

This explains why there was a sudden wail from afar asking the taxi driver to stop, they all knew each other, sinister teamwork, the driver waited for the last man to enter the car and behold!  he (target) was now in middle seat. The kidnappers got what they wanted.  A spontaneous and daily bustling of life had been mimicked to trap him, sensitized by his mother’s warning dream about the day, he was on edge. He has prayed to God about the day, uncomfortably sitting in between the two kidnappers. He was vigilant, then he remembered the impending warning of the day, realizing that everybody in the taxi was strong male other than himself.

The man seated to his right was unsettling, pretending to look for what appeared to be missing, peeking through his pockets. He looked at the kidnapper to his right suspiciously, the kidnapper greeted him trying to ease his fear. He was becoming afraid of the unusual body movement of the kidnapper, the kidnapper appeared to have found what he was looking for and it turned out to be a white handkerchief.  Something was about to happen he thought, scared and in distress, he looked at the kidnapper to his left, there was another handkerchief with him.

Oh no, a moving car, everybody was quiet, suddenly it felt like a dessert, no one was talking, he was not himself again, he looked for an exit. The car doors locked but had two glass windows wound down. Waiting breathlessly for an attempt by the kidnappers, a sudden flash of his mother’s warning jittered him. The kidnapper to his right expecting him to have been morose by the embedded charm in the car seat, trying to confirm if he had been confined by a mystical power, spoke in a condescending manner to him expecting a motionless response.

He knew there was a problem, before the kidnappers could notice his graceful disenchantment by their charm, he reached for a flight through the car door’s window, head stalked outside the window and trying so hard to get the body out of the moving car. The kidnappers sensed an exposure, they demanded that the door be opened for him to get out. Onlookers, passersby and passengers from other cabs were screaming and shocked by the scene. The car’s door was opened by one of the men, alas! he was set free, retrieved his bag and at the same time lost for words.

He thanked God for this happy ending experience, people thought the scene was a fight unfolding among passengers in the taxi, but he knew better. He understood the gravity of the battle he had just won. A lesson learnt, what could have been? who knows?

This is the reality of the country we live in, it cannot continue this way and we should all police our lives and communities to expose evil.

Remember that you are your own security where there is insecurity, be vigilant all the time.


The arrest of the RevolutionNow protest leader Hon. Omoyele Sowore showed the country decelerating democracy, at the very core of democracy is the freedom of speech and expression, the right to peaceful protest or disobedience. The right to say what we think, what we feel without the fear of retribution.

These rights have been ignored as well as threatened by power-hungry leaders who are willing to silence critics by any means. Nigeria exists to serve Nigerians not microscopic few at the helm of affairs, one can boldly say that the country has never had true democracy ever since its inception. The will of the Nigerian people has never materialized since the country’s independence. Autocracy is always the order of doing business by the Nigerian government.

President Muhammadu  Buhari rose to power in the 2015 general election largely on his anti-corruption stance and the people’s disappointment with former president Goodluck E. Jonathan’s government. Buhari was the messiah the country so desperately wanted to elect, they got their wish when he resoundingly defeated the incumbent at the time, during his first term as president of Nigeria, Buhari’s performance reflected poorly on some of his supporters who criticized him for being incompetent to tackle some of the nation’s pressing issues such as the economy and domestic terrorism. In spite of the dissatisfaction with his policies and approval by some of his supporters, he won re-election in an election fraught with irregularities from the ruling and opposition parties.

President Buhari has always been in favour of authoritarianism, he has assaulted democratic norms in alarming ways, with little appetite for criticism, he seems not to understand the ideals of leadership under democratic governance. I am surprised that the country has withstood his whiplashes up to this point. It is true that the country voted him as president due to some of these tendencies and partly because the people expect him to use his authoritarianism to stem corruption in the country but there is little to show for this in his list of accomplishments. Corruption has intensified ever since he came into office, members of his party are flagrantly displaying public looting without consequences and his anti-corruption stance has dwindled to the point that it has become a laughing stock.

The dysfunction that has engulfed the country has led a former presidential candidate and a human right activist to express his displeasures with the state of the country and has called for a RevolutionNow mantra. Some of the president’s supporters have likened this slogan to meet the high bar for a treasonous crime, such label is also antithetical to freedoms enshrined in our constitution. This should not come as a surprise, the people in the president power circle and ombudsmen are using the military to threaten journalists or even attempting to shut down news outlet critical of his administration wrongdoings.

The burning question is how did we get here? we should stand by courageous Nigerians who are demanding the unconditional release of Omoyele Sowore!!!!!!. If we don’t resist this military-style crackdown, we risk putting our God-given liberty in the hands of a hitman.





Viewers of the popular Big Brother Naija reality TV show have been used to female characters who are perceived to be strong, bold and beautiful. The previous two seasons featured housemates who were pain in the asses of their male counterparts. This has been a pattern for other successive females in the show. How did we come to accept these behaviors as being characteristic of strong women.

I would say that I strongly disagree with this definition of a strong woman, cursing, use of abusive languages, physical aggression and naked display of tantrums are in no ways close to being strong. In fact, it is the opposite of those traits that shows strength. There are quite a few housemates from and on the show that are notorious for these attributes. We should reject this notion of a strong woman if we really care about healthy and respectful social order, interaction and integration among both genders.

The definition of a strong woman in the world today is centred around women who are breaking stereotypes with achievements/accomplishments in areas that were previously dominated by or once thought belonged to men. This is seen particularly in women roles as political leaders, CEOs, Civil right advocates, parents, mentors and so on. In fact there is a portion of the male population that believe women to be better leaders than men despite the derogatory cultural beliefs about women still held by majority of men till today.

A peek into our ancient history tells us that the long history of gender discrimination, violence against women still cast its long shadow on us. Women are still being treated as objects or properties to be owned in certain parts of Nigeria. They are viewed as unequal competitors, career and accomplished women are always loathed and feared by weak-minded men. Women of slight achievements and weak characters have exploited the intimidations expressed by weak-minded men to reinforce female dominance.

We still have a long way to go on gender equality, but we must call out vessels that are blocking the long road to getting there. Attitudes that fall short of mutual respect for one another should not be praised or condoned, this behavior is not new, it is a product of insecurity and a lack of true confidence seeping into the media space or reality TV shows.

Ph.D program in Virology at the University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

The doctoral program in virology at the University of Ibadan takes a lot of time from a Nigerian perspective. It is operated on both full-time and part-time basis, depending on a candidate’s M.Sc grades or background, the candidate may be eligible for an M.phil PhD or direct P.hD.

The doctoral program in Virology at the Department of Virology, University of Ibadan is self-funded.

M.phil PhD: The candidates would have to take coursework in virology, a partially completed project work ( from approved project proposal), and finally if project work is approved or sufficient, a seminar/oral exam is scheduled for conversion into a PhD program. The candidate must pass his/her exams to be eligible for conversion into a PhD program.

Direct P.hD: The candidate would have to present a proposal which has to be approved by his/her P.hD supervisor, this usually involves field and laboratory works. At the completion of one’s work and if satisfactorily approved by the department, this can proceed to seminar and oral presentation stages.

Duration: There is presently no agreed number of sessions for a PhD program in Virology, you may see a different reality than expected when you are enrolled into the program, but the review of the program’s satisfaction by alumni of the Department is not impressive. My best advice would be for a prospective candidate to hear from past graduates of the department before launching into the programme at the University of Ibadan.

If you want  to know the cost of  P.hD application form at the University of Ibadan, please visit the UI postgraduate website below:



You can also comment on this page if you have further questions.


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Signboard of the Department.
The main laboratory.


What you need to know!!!!!!!

If you are on this page right now, I would say a very big thank you for taking the time out to visit our page. At braingrip, there is enough information to get you started on your career path. This information is geared towards individuals planning to further their study at the University of Ibadan, specifically a masters programme in virology.

The Department of Virology, under the Faculty of Basic medical sciences situated at the University College Hospital, Ibadan is currently made up of nine academic members of staff and many other non-academic members of staff. Presently, there are two professors, three academic doctors and other lecturers.

Virology is a specialized field of interest and mostly categorized as a branch of Microbiology. Presently, the University of Ibadan and Redeemer’s University are the only institutions in Nigeria offering Virology as an independent programme at postgraduate level. There are other schools in Nigeria who offer postgraduate training in Virology as an optional field under Medical Microbiology, example includes the University of Lagos (Unilag).

If you want to know the benefits of taking standalone Virology over optional Virology under Medical Microbiology: presently, the argument is still vague because the depth of knowledge or the requirement for an institution to award a graduate degree in virology is based on how extensive an institution’s curricula is designed, presence of qualified, experienced and trained lecturers/researchers, facilities and finally, accreditation from the educational governing body.

There is also a need to acknowledge the rift this argument has generated among individuals on both sides. There is still a lack of admission on the parts of the standalone virologists to accept optional virologists as equals.

What you need to know about studying Virology at the University of Ibadan.
The master’s programme in virology is designed to run beyond two years, In total, masters students end up spending three sessions according to the academic calendar i.e. paying for three sessions which is equivalent to three years. The tasks involved in completing the programme are noteworthy, and if enjoyable (subject to passion) but daunting. Course works are as usual as one would expect in any Nigerian/public tertiary institutions.

The programme is actually divided into three phases
• First-year involves laboratory training in virology and coursework from other departments.
• Second-year includes laboratory training in virology and a lesser load of coursework from other departments.
• Third-year involves coursework in virology, seminars and project work. It is also the year of graduation!!!! Hurray!!!Hurray!!! (M.Sc in Virology).

NB: Virology programme is being run at the University College Hospital (U.C.H.) Ibadan.
It is a research program that does not include frequent class lectures specifically for courses in Virology, Class presentation is the mode of teaching by the professors. This implies that postgraduate students are expected to indulge in self and independent learning by working with/observing lecturers/researchers in the department doing active research.

Course supervision/Project supervisors
During the course of the training, assigned supervisors by the postgraduate school would call for their students whenever they are ready.

After reading this info, I can say that a student of Virology would have enough time at his/her hands. Proper usage of this self-controlled free time is strongly advised because the three years are going to be consequential to your future going forward.

Requirements for masters programme:
• A bachelor’s degree in any biological science-related courses (Distinction, 2:1 and 2:2)
• Certificate of completion of the N.Y.S.C.
• Other relevant academic document below the bachelor’s degree

Tuition Fees: Subject to policy changes and could be higher or lesser at any time.
• First-year: varies between 120,000-150,000
• Second-year: (70,000-73,000)
• Third-year: (70,000-73,000)

Warning!!! please note that these are unofficial quotations, specific amounts are provided by the institution, please contact the Institution for official amounts.

The insight is provided by Braingrip Team.

If you need further clarification, please visit the comments’ section.

Content on PhD in Virology at the University of Ibadan will be made available soon!!!!!


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